Diamonds — Past, Present, and Future

When I packed boxes in early September, I spent some time with several jewelry pieces that held so many memories. I thought about the people, the places, and the connections they had to important moments of my life. While I love a good diamond that gleams in the light, I could no longer wear these pieces because of what I felt when I slipped them on. I can’t really describe it more than my soul knew they were no longer for me. So I carefully wrapped these rings, earrings, and necklace up and put them away once again.

Later that month, I settled into my new place and once again found myself with these pieces. This time, I set them out under the moonlight to cleanse and recharge, then decided to give them new life.

Today, I picked up these new pieces that are all mine. I know their past, including the center stone of the lotus pendant which was originally my mom’s wedding ring and then my engagement ring. But more than anything, I know their present and I look forward to their future.



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